Growing up, I always was an imaginative child, coming up with stories, being fascinated by paintings, and generally being excited by visiting places, learning more about different cultures and their art. I could walk in a museum for hours, without getting bored. Eventually, that resulted in an MA in Photography at the Catholic University College in Limburg. While I originally was interested in commercial fashion photography and event photography, I got to know more about using the photographic medium as a form of art and soon started to become more and more interested in creating my own art.

My approach to photography has always been to a certain extent very personal. By investigating the concept of identity and reflecting on different cultures and communities, I would start artistic documentary projects, but at the same time learn more about myself as a person and grow. I have a somewhat dreamy style, on the border of cinematography and paintings and I like to play around with these concepts.

Additionally, I started an MA in Visual Culture & Contemporary Art at Aalto University, with a Minor Degree in Corporate Communications. I developed more as an artist, but also at the same time decided I need to find a way to enter corporations as an artist without having to face financial instability for the rest of my life. My adventure took me to business school. In business school, I learned how my skill set was very useful in a business environment. Due to my diverse background in art, I can create unique content, but since I also know a lot about marketing, public relations, and communications, I am an asset to any company wanting a little bit of diversity and a cross-disciplinary approach in their company. 

With the knowledge I had gathered in my minor degree, I started my own online publication, Tuonela Magazine, where I was able to put the theory that I had learned into practice. Truthfully, I didn’t quite know to a full extent where I would end up and what I was doing back then, but because of applying basic rules of communications and marketing, I was able to grow my website and as a direct result, Tuonela Magazine is now one of the biggest English online publications of Finland in music.

Professionally, aside from being a music journalist, I have also worked in several startup environments as a (content) marketer and PR agent. My areas of expertise include photography, videography, basic graphic design, (content) marketing and communications, public relations, WordPress, SEO, and social media management. Currently, I’m working at TELUS International as a Sourcing Administrator.


Working with Laureline was great. She was creative and productive producing content for the start-up’s online promotion. She was a good listener and learned fast, delivering quality in time. She has a multi-disciplinary background that is very useful when creating ToFu content. I totally recommend Laureline not only because of her skills but also for that touch of diversity that any organization needs to have to succeed in connecting with audiences in a global market.

Fito benitez (head of marketing)

I’ve been working casually with Laureline for about a year now and she has been an absolute pleasure to partner with. Not only is she quick and efficient in everything she does, but she is extremely driven and passionate about her work. She is usually one of the first to sign up to help out with a project and hands in her material on time; the quality is always excellent.

Amy “bear” wiseman (editor-in-chief)