Official music video of “Bacchanalia” by Metal De Facto. Footage by Toni Salminen. Additional footage by Laureline Tilkin. Edit by Atte Marttinen. 

Lyric video for “Winterider” by Everfrost for Cerulean Midnight

Lyric video for “Orion’s Cry” by De Lirium’s Order for Cerulean Midnight

Lyric video for “The Stage Is Set” by Dyecrest for Cerulean Midnight

Interview with Jake E of Cyhra, including footage from their show at Ääniwalli, Helsinki.

(2018) “I Used To Listen To Britney Spears”: Documentary about gender in the Finnish metal scene.


(2015) “Traces”: Artwork and study about the relationship between scars on the body and marks on stones.


(2014) “Room 706”: Narrative staged video.