Nothing is more fun than concert photography. Sometimes it’s not easy, you only have three songs to prove yourself, but the results can often be surprising.

I have had the pleasure to shoot concerts of acts such as Slipknot, Deep Purple, Kiss, The Offspring, Sabaton, Behemoth, Slayer, Liam Gallagher, Dream Theater, and many more!

What can you do for us?

Hiring me as a concert photographer on your show, means that I’ll stick with you for the entire event: from exclusive behind-the-scenes and backstage shots, to the photograph with the audience, I’ll be there to capture every memory of the evening, whether it’s just a one-off show, or on tour.

Our packages include the following services:

  • Special behind-the-scenes/backstage photography
  • Special photos for social media posts
  • Concert photos of the band and the audience
  • Band photo with audience
  • Meet & greet photos

We also offer:

Additionally, I also am available for any promotional band photography, in a studio environment or on a special location. We can come up with an idea together, or you can come with your idea to me and we can see together what is feasible and how to create your vision in an actual photograph.

Sounds good? If you want to hire me as a photographer to capture your shredding skills live, don’t hesitate to contact me. First want to check out some of my work before committing to anything? Check out an overview of my concert photography portfolio here.