Many independent musicians and bands struggle to find the right way to approach the press with their latest music. Your campaigns, in general, might be more successful if they are carefully planned by a professional. That’s where I come in. I help bands crafting a convincing electronic press kit and assist in sending these out to the right press partners.

What can you do for us?

All-in-all, when you hire me as a PR specialist, I will introduce your band to music publications, radio stations, and podcasts all around the globe in order to get the necessary attention from labels and major press, as well as boost your overall social media platforms and more importantly Spotify numbers. We currently have a contact list of over 1000 relevant publications and try to expand continuously.

Our packages include the following services:

  • Distribution of news releases and EPK to media
  • Networking on behalf of client/artist
  • Contacting and artist representation with media for tour publicity, interviews, album awareness (reviews)
  • Media follow-ups

Sounds good? Contact us here to ask for our price packages.