Because of my academic background in photography and video, as well as experience, I’m specialized in a variety of fields within photography: from portraits to events, from product photography to architecture photography, count me in!

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I have had the pleasure to work within many industries as a content producer: blockchain, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, IT, squash, and music, making me fully equipped to write engaging blog posts, write copy for websites, and create convincing (social media) content for any kind of business.

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I am mostly familiar with doing social media management within the context of music and startup environments. Creating content strategies, posting, and analyzing what works and what not is one of my favorite things to do. I also focus on building communities on online platforms to grow and nurture your audience. 

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Within the frameworks of my magazine, Tuonela Magazine, I can offer advertisements to labels, independent bands, booking agents, etc. Since I have experience within the field of marketing and PR, I’m also able to help with any independent band’s PR, as well as social media marketing to get more visibility for your upcoming album. 

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