As a professional content creator, social media is the perfect tool to share and spread the word about any unique content created. Often, bands don’t have much time to share content on their social media channels, even though social media can be used to your advantage in a time where everyone spends a lot of time online! Because of that, it’s easier to hire a professional for a friendly price to take care of your band’s social media pages. Having experience with a variety of bands and other projects, I know where to find your main audience and how important it is to actively build a community around your band.

What can you do for us?

For a fixed monthly fee, I will take over your social media pages create, plan and post content for you. Every week you will get 2-3 up-to-date posts. It’s important to coordinate your social media strategy with your upcoming news, whether it’s a show, an upcoming album, or a new single.

Our packages include the following services:

  • 2-3 relevant social media posts a week
  • Content creation/planning/posting
  • Community building
  • Finding the right places to share your content
  • Defining and monitoring KPIs

Don’t want us to take over your social media?

If you like to keep your social media channels completely to yourself, I am also available as a consultant, or can assist in creating a consistent social media brand and/or content strategy that will surely help you keep up your game! For an even friendlier fixed price a month, I can give you my two cents about your social media, keep an eye on your statistics, and help you craft the best social media strategy as possible.

Interested? Contact us here.